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Contemporary stories of love and epiphanies...

Fall from Grace: After a public disgrace, an evangelical celebrity must rebuild his life, family, and faith.... Woman with a Parasol: A daughter discovers the depth and breadth of a mother's love... The Last Romantics: A romance author searches for the "happily ever after" in her own life... From Here: Three short stories about starting over.
Young Adult Mystery
Edgar Finalist!
Fall from Grace: Listen to an interview with Libby on the Eric Metaxas Show, talking about this novel and more. Click on this link
"Truly a novel for our times by an author with a genuine flair for deftly created characters and engaging storytelling..." Midwest Book Review; "...an unfailingly entertaining read by a master of the storytelling arts....unreservedly recommended," Wisconsin Bookwatch; "Sternberg steers the story in surprising directions..." Booklist

Funny stories with a pinch of pathos:

Fire Me! (bought for film): To grab a sweet severance package that comes with a layoff, a woman rushes to be the Worst Employee Ever, a race that ultimately upends more than her job... My Own Personal Soap Opera:  A soap opera head writer faces threats of cancellation, a thief imitating a story on the show, and a new boss with a hidden agenda... Loves Me, Loves Me Not: Is a casual fling leading to something more...or not? 
Stories of the 1920s, World War II, the 1950s:

Sloane Hall: A retelling of Jane Eyre set in old Hollywood.... Death Is the Cool Night: An operatic mystery set on the eve of World War II... Lost to the World: A polio vaccine researcher is murdered. A grieving war vet is put on the case....After the War: Six intertwined lives, six struggles to find peace ten years after World War II.
Sloane Hall: "Fans of historical fiction and Jane Eyre in particular will relish this novel..." Fresh Fiction
Death Is the Cool Night and Lost to the World: "Two well-crafted mysteries... Blending operatic drama, sumptuous description, and noir...." Publishers Weekly
After the War: "...a touching novel of faith and family...an evocative story of love lost, and found, told with beautiful language and emotional clarity. A novel to savor." Christy English, bestselling historical fiction author
FIRE ME! New, updated edition 

She's ready to resign...until her boss announces a layoff.

Anne Wyatt is about to move on to a better job when she learns her mercurial boss will lay off a staff member by the end of the day, bestowing on that employee a generous severance package. Quickly changing course, Anne does her best to become the Worst Employee on the Planet, to win the layoff and its monetary reward. During a crazy day of escalating hijinks, Anne discovers hidden truths about her coworkers and herself -- a kind and handsome graphic designer might be fixing her mistakes, and another staff member might have similar goals to Anne's. By the end of the day, Anne gets more than she bargained for as she examines what she really wants from work, life, and love.

"This fast-paced, humorous book kept me giggling throughout the night. " - A Novel Menagerie

"Fire Me ...had this reader chuckling out loud." - Lancaster Sunday News 

"Fire Me is a zany, laugh-out-loud novel that will satisfy the mischievous child in all of us; an office worker's dream come true!" - Book Reviews by Bobbie

"Libby Malin has written a funny and often charming story about life -- and love -- in an office setting. " - BookLoons 

Read how this book came to be at my blog: Paul Revere and the Raiders, Fire Me, and Me!
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In Sickness and in Health by Libby Malin

A sweet romance with inspirational overtones:

Ava Fulton moves to Bethany Beach, Delaware to lick her wounds after a DC scandal sent her into hiding. There, she decides the best way out of her problems is to marry a millionaire, and she just so happens to remember one from high school, John Baylor, now a very successful man who’d shyly tried to court her as a teen. When she reconnects with him, though, she finds he faces grim health news and she tries to be a good helpmate through his medical crises. Only after they marry and his prognosis changes does she realize she’d wed him planning to be a widow, not a wife. They struggle to make a go of their union and a new life in general, eventually heeding an inner call to something greater than either of them together.

Read a little more about this novel at my blog here.

Or buy it at the Kindle store here!

Three sweet romances set along the Delaware coastline: Reese's Summer of Promise, Olivia's Heart Song, and Anne's Family Plan...by Libby Malin. Stories of mending broken hearts (both figuratively and literally!) and changing plans. BookLife says of Anne's Family Plan: "This book features an uncommon plot and unique take on modern-day romance and one that highlighted some pervasive, but little seen, aspects of military life…The standard love-story trope is elevated here into something intriguing, quickly capturing and keeping the reader’s attention." Find these books online (click on the covers) or...at Bethany Beach Books, a great independent bookstore in the heart of where these books are set!