Death Is the Cool Night-- murder, passion and opera
Lost to the World - Polio vaccine research stalked by a human killer...
Sloane Hall by Libby Sternberg
Jane Eyre-inspired tale of old Hollywood

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Dragon Lady by Gary Alexander.. bittersweet love story during the Vietnam War

Two short stories you can devour on your lunch hour--tasty and satisfying reads! Yum...

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Lunch Reads
by Margaret Flint
The Dodd Mead Pictorial Review Best First Novel of 1935

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short stories
historical romance
The Heart's Journey Series:
A fake hit man is targeted by a real one
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Young Adult

The Body Electric
by Allie Duzett
Seventeen-year-old Lena Clark meets the guy of her dreams--strong, handsome, gallant Zach Zuson--only to discover his family holds grudges of mythological proportions, placing them both in danger and  threatening their blossoming relationship. A fun, exciting and sweet fantasy by a debut author! Click here to read more about this new title!

Literary, Historical

After the War
by Libby Sternberg
In the summer of 1955, a young nun awakens in Johns Hopkins Hospital after suffering an overdose, unable to remember the events that brought her there. As she recovers, she becomes the center of quiet
struggles among those who surround her, each of them suffering from unseen war wounds ten years after the fighting ended, each finding their way to a very personal peace.  Click here for more.  "...a touching novel of faith and family...told with beautiful language and emotional clarity. A novel to savor." Christy English, author of The Queen's Pawn

Literary Fiction
The Distance by Saborna Roychowdhury
A moving story of a young Indian woman's choices -- between two men, two countries, two Indias....

“Through Roychowdhury's rich detail and illuminating dialogue emerges a protagonist who is caught in a love triangle and the conflict between rigid traditions and western freedoms. The book...smoothly incorporates the countless facets of modern India..." Starred review. Publishers Weekly.
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Literary Fiction
Jimmy's Girl by Stephanie Gertler
Originally published by Penguin's Dutton imprint

During the Summer of 1967, sixteen-year-old Emily Hudson falls in love for the first time with Jimmy Moran just before he enlists in the Marine Corps and heads off to war. When he returns, both Emily and Jimmy have changed, and they go their separate ways. Now, thirty years later, Emily can’t stop thinking about Jimmy and wonders “what if?” Her question is answered when she finds him online. Although they are both married to other people, Emily and Jimmy meet again in Washington, DC, visiting the Vietnam War Memorial together and revisiting their lost love, ultimately having to decide if they deserve a second chance. Told in the alternating voices of Jimmy and Emily, this tender story explores misunderstanding and reconciliation in thought-provoking and poignant ways.
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"A tender evocation of lost love, and what it means to find it again." (Kirkus Reviews)
"Sharp-eyed [and] impeccably detailed." (Marie Claire)
"A sweet response to one of life's constant what-if questions." (Booklist, starred review)

Meet the knight who was misplaced in time...

When a knight and a monk spring from the pages of Rosie’s book, the only people more astonished than the reclusive Ph.D. student are her time-traveling visitors.

Cooped up in a house-turned-museum since the long-ago disappearance of her parents, Rosie is now forced out into the world as her guests wreak havoc on her Baltimore neighborhood.

As Rosie tries to figure out how to return the errant duo to their home in history, she begins to uncover why her parents vanished without a trace seven years ago. But her eccentric Uncle Alvin threatens to stand in her way, before she can discover the truth about Bulfinch and her own childhood.

By turns funny and tender, adventurous and thoughtful, Bulfinch is a whimsical tale about getting lost in a book -- and finding your way out again.

“I’m a sucker for books about knights and monks, and in this delightful tale, a suitably belligerent knight and dreamy monk help a very modern girl solve her very mysterious problems in a very medieval way. Highly recommended.” - H.W. Crocker III, author of The Old Limey

Bulfinch is Hannah Sternberg’s second novel. Her first, Queens of All the Earth, was published by Bancroft Press in 2011 and praised by Kirkus Reviews as “modern and exuberant.” 

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Young Adult - Magic Realism
BULFINCH by Hannah Sternberg
Young Adult - Fantasy/Time Travel

Aspasia Preston's genius brother hurls her back in time to spare her from a flu ravaging their own era. "Like Moses in the bulrushes..." he pushes her to what he believes is safety. But when she lands in pre-Great Influenza Baltimore -- 1917 -- she shouts her resentment to an unhearing universe. Did he save her or put her in more peril? Her questions compound as she encounters her brother again, who's managed to jump, as well. Prior to his leap, infection claimed him. Now, he's cured. Why? Together, they seek to discover a serum or vaccine they can cart from this time back to their own--or even a bit before, as Aspasia hopes to use it to prevent her own beloved fiance from contracting the deadly illness. Their work faces complications, however, when others jump to 1917, too -- to help or hinder? Who is enemy, who is friend, where does Aspasia belong in time and space? Heartbreaking, soaring, poignant...a tale of love, poetry and sacrifice.  Order here.