The Love Finds a Home series
by award-winning author Jerri Corgiat
originally published in paperback by Penguin's Signet imprint
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Book One
Sing Me Home  by Jerri Corgiat:
Country music star Jonathan Van Castle is intent on two things--reviving his career and regaining custody of his two children. At a stop in picturesque Cordelia, Missouri, he meets Lily (Lilac O'Malley Ryan), a young widow trying desperately to rebuild her own life after the tragic loss of her husband. Singularly unimpressed with the famous Mr. Van Castle, Lily instead falls for his two children. They, and not their sought-after dad, steal her heart, and she lets herself be convinced to join him in a marriage of convenience as he fights his custody battle. Eventually, their liaison comes to mean more to them both than they'd originally planned.
Book Two
Follow Me Home  by Jerri Corgiat:

Alcea O'Malley Addams lives the life of luxury...until her banker husband shatters their marriage and her self-esteem with his infidelity.  Humiliated and broke, she takes a job at a local diner where she begins to restore her psyche and to relearn the value of what matters most in life. An old high school crush -- Dakota Jones, a man with his own inner struggles -- helps her appreciate her own worth as an intelligent and loving woman.
Come visit the extended O'Malley clan in Cordelia, Missouri, a town nestled in the Ozarks and filled with people you'll want to visit with again and again. Jerri Corgiat excels at description and realistic storytelling. By the time you're finished, you'll feel as if you've been to Cordelia and you know its characters well.
What others have said about

  • "a treasure...a tender, romantic story of a big-time musician and a small-town girl discovering the things that matter most." -- Susan Wiggs

  • "...builds rapidly toward a shattering climax." -- Booklist

  • "wonderful...a novel about the struggles that people face everyday." -- A Romance Review

  • "...warm and of those wonderful romances that truly captures the heart....strong characterizations spring vividly to life...Filled with joy and laughter, pathos and challenges...very highly recommended." -- Cynthia Penn, Midwest Book Reviews

  • "If a reader is very lucky, sometimes a new author will come on the scene and steals her heart... Jerri Corgiat is that kind of author, and Follow Me Home is that kind of incredible book." -- Affaire de Coeur

  • "...a talented mix of plot, characters and emotional discovery. Fast-paced, with flowing phrases and realistic characters and situations..." Readers & Writers Ink Reviews

  • "An intricate, well-written tale of family drama...a compelling story." -- Romantic Times Book Club

  • "...a powerful tale. The pages turn quickly...a superb character study of human strength." -- Diana Risso, Romance Reviews Today
Book Four
Home by Starlight  by Jerri Corgiat:

A member of the O’Malley clan through marriage, Patsy Lee O’Malley has struggled ever since her husband died, raising four children and taking care of a small farm in Cordelia, Missouri. Others have been the focus of her own life for so long that she’s thrown for a loop when she can’t take care of herself.  A broken ankle knocks her off her feet both emotionally and physically until  Zeke Townley, formerly of Jonathan Van Castle’s (Book One) band, comes to help out. But all that “down time” has Patsy confronting questions she’s put off for far too long--such as what she wants to do with her life and whether she thinks she can love again.
Book Five
Take Me Home by Jerri Corgiat:

In Book Two readers met Florida Jones as the lover of Alcea’s philandering husband, Stan. Now, years later, Florida has joined Alcea in the Stan’s Exes Club, but she’s about to get her happy ending, too--marriage to rich and handsome Daniel. Then, her mother shows up--the mother who’d abandoned her as a girl. This rocks Florida’s world so much that she ends up in a car accident that seems to result in only minor injuries. That is, until her vision fades, and she has to face an uncertain future. An unlikely hero helps her accept her new impaired state, as Florida comes to finally “see” what’s really important in life. Gripping, gritty and compelling, Take Me Home is not your average romance. Its resolution combines pathos with rediscovered joy.
Book Three
Home at Last  by Jerri Corgiat:

The youngest daughter of the O’Malley clan, Marigold (Mari), returns to Cordelia, Missouri after her big city career took a lurch in the wrong direction, propelled by an affair with a married man. At home, she is enlisted by her sisters to take care of their mother, recovering from a heart attack and subsequent surgery. Mari’s heart needs mending, too, though, and the tonic she finds is strong medicine--a relationship with a “bad boy” childhood friend. In Home at Last, Ms. Corgiat tells the story of many journeys home--not just Mari’s, but that of the troubled children of Lilac and Jon, the focus of the first book in this moving series. 
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